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Crew Training

Safe operations is a team effort.  All Life Star employees go through mandatory safety training twice per year.  This training includes crew resource management, emergency procedures, survival training and other relevant topics.  There are also safety briefings at the beginning of each shift and debriefings following each flight.  There are safety meetings, staff meetings and clinical education sessions all employees are encouraged to attend.

Commitment to Patient

Medical Crew Experience

Life Star’s flight nurses must have a minimum of three years critical care nursing experience, and our flight paramedics must have a minimum of three years as a street paramedic before consideration for a position at Life Star.  The average clinical experience of our nurses and paramedics is well over 20 years.  Many of our nurses and paramedics have over 20 years of experience just at Life Star!

Patient Safety

Life Star’s commitment to safety extends to and includes our patients.  All crewmembers are committed to assuring each patient and all equipment are secured safely and appropriately in the aircraft for a safe and comfortable flight.  Clinical crewmembers receive on-going training to help ensure any patient interventions required are performed with the knowledge and training to perform them safely and accurately.  Our extensive Quality Review program reviews all care provided to identify areas for potential improvement and training.

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