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Life Star of Kansas

Life Star of Kansas Star Plan


August 18, 2016

Life Star of Kansas is pleased to announce the creation of the
STAR Plan, a membership program that allows its members to be transported by Life Star, when appropriate and available, without being responsible for the deductibles and co-pays required by most insurance plans.


Emergency and critical care transport by helicopter is expensive and often leaves patients and families owing thousands of dollars, even after insurance has paid to the limits of their coverage. The STAR Plan relieves the financial burden due to transport that saddles many patients, allowing them to focus on healing with one less bill to worry about.


For $59.00 per year, an entire household can be covered under the STAR Plan. For additional information or enrollment, go to www.kslifestar.org, or call 785-862-5433.

DISPATCH: 1-800-666-9111