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Questions and Answers about Life Star’s Charges

How are Life Star’s charges determined?

Life Star of Kansas does not receive funding from its owner hospitals, taxes, or subsidies from any other entity. Therefore, we are funded entirely by the reimbursement we receive from the patients we transport, their guarantors, and the insurance companies covering their injury or illness. We set our prices each year at a level we project to be required to cover all of our expenses, plus a modest return (usually 1-2%) to improve operations.


Does insurance pay for Life Star’s services?

Yes, most types of insurance will cover all or part of the cost of transport by Life Star. How much insurance covers is impacted by contractual allowables, co-pays and deductibles, as defined in the insurance policy. Patients are responsible for the balance not covered by insurance.


What happens if I do not have health insurance?

Life Star will transport any patient in need of its critical care services, regardless of their ability to pay and whether or not they have insurance. When there is no insurance coverage, Life Star will work with the patient to (a) determine if they qualify for Medicaid, (b) establish a mutually acceptable payment plan, or (c) determine if the patient qualifies for a charitable write-off or balance reduction.

Does Life Star have a charity care policy?

Yes, Life Star has a written charity care policy that is available upon request.


Will Life Star turn me over to a collections agency if I do not pay my bill?

Life Star seeks to avoid turning patients to a collection agencies whenever possible. The instances that are turned to collections are rare and occur when a patient ignores repeated requests to discuss payment options.


Will Life Star allow me to pay my bill over a reasonable period of time?

Yes, Life Star works with its patients to establish payment plans that are acceptable to the patient and us.


What services does Life Star charge for?

Life Star charges for three aspects of a transport:

  1. Base rate, which is a charge for leaving our base.

  2. Loaded mile rate, which is a charge for each mile traveled with a patient on board.

  3. Medical supplies used in patient care are charged at their current rates.

There is no charge for mileage traveled without a patient on board (unloaded mileage), and there is no charge if we respond to a request but do not actually transport a patient.

For our current charges or for additional information about our charges, expenses, or collection practices, please contact us through the “Contact Us” page on this website, or call (785) 862-5433.