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Life Star of Kansas


Please note: Applications are not being accepted at this time. Please stay tuned. Reopening notification for Fall Program will be posted to social media and this page.

Working closely with those who call Life Star of Kansas is part of maintaining safety when working around the helicopter.

Life Star of Kansas is now inviting those areas/agencies that utilize Life Star an opportunity to come and spend the day.

A Life Star of Kansas Flight Observer must currently be active with a health care agency, emergency services provider and Certified as one of the following: EMT, Paramedic, Fire/Rescue Personnel, Communications Specialist, CRNA, RN, LPN, a Physician or currently a student in these areas.

The Observer must be:

* In good physical health, no history of motion sickness and cannot be pregnant.

* Must be 18 years of age

* Not weigh over 210 lbs

DISPATCH: 1-800-666-9111